Is SolarWinds Premier Support worth it?

I have been hearing a lot about this SW Premier Support and I hear some good and bad news. Also, I am getting lots of noise from reddit of how bad their experience with the current Support Offering.

In any case, is this really a good idea to get Premier Support without fixing their current Technical Support situation.

It would be a great help if you could help me get some insight about this. Ciao!

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  • Curious what thread you saw in reddit, I could only find one and nobody in that thread had actually purchased any level of premium support so I can't really use it for much of a reference point.

    We all know standard support has been pretty hit or miss and generally rough over the last couple years.  I'm dying to see the premium support in action though and crossing my fingers that it actually gets you talking to someone who can efficiently diagnose problems.  

    I have found that arguing with the lev 1 support reps just gets my blood pressure up, these days i just let them follow their script so they can hurry up and escalate my ticket.  It is exceptionally rare that if I'm calling in and talking to support these days we are going to have a solution that doesn't involve raising an internal bug or escalating to the dev's, so let's just get this over with and try not to waste too much of our time chasing non issues.

  • I am a SW Support for 5 years so I know how would it be for this new Premier Support. I just want to know from first hand experience so I could discuss to my Boss if it is worth the price.