Share your "Orion Starting Point" -- for 500 THWACK points!

Is there a page or view or widget(s) in Orion that you consider your starting point? Something you find to be most useful or that you check the most? We want to know! Share a screenshot (scrubbed works too!) here or email me at Tell us what you have on it, who looks at it and anything else you think I should know. 

Please share your screenshots by July 9th, 2020 to receive 500 THWACK points.

  • My initial login page is pretty high level.  The goal is get you from here to wherever you need to go easily, so I have custom search widgets to search by node name, application names, or to find specific dashboards.  Got some time zone info since we have users spread out, an html widget where I post general announcements of things I am changing.  Then I get the lists of active alerts and last events.  I mostly operate on a model where if it doesn't raise an alert then it doesn't matter.  


    From here users would most likely jump to their team's dashboard or to the specific details page of the specific object that they logged in to find out about.

  • From a typical user perspective they usually just bookmark their team pages and use that as a starting point. This is a pretty typical example of a team centric dashboard, these are all automatically created based on custom properties we use, every time a new value gets added to that list of teams a new view is cloned from a generic template I keep and if they need me to tailor anything to their specific interests I'll adjust it, but only a few teams really take the initiative to ask for much customization.  In an effort to get people more on board with the idea that our monitoring is flexible to their needs I've started to append bits to the views and alert messages that essentially say "If you need any updates or modifications to this view, contact myteam@mycompany." 


  • We have a couple of very high level basic screens that show an overall status of our network, from the main 'orb' page we can drill into each section to drill down even further and either end up on a page view or a network map or alerts etc.

    They currently cycle through on a spare monitor for the local support team to see at a glance and individual management have a cut down view to see a high level status also.


  • This is your friendly reminder to post or email your "Orion Starting Point" to me before EOD tomorrow! I can't wait to see what you have to share and learn from you!!