New UI - is there a way to enable a "classic" mode or something?

Powers that be at my company have rolled out the new Orion UI (2016.1.5300 / NPM 12.0 etc).

In a monitoring tool, I'm surprised that it was decided to replace lines of informative colour with lines of grey with little bits of colour that manage to take up 3x as much screen real estate and has forced me to redesign all our dashboards just to get close to the same functionality we had before? I can widen that column but I need to make some of the other columns narrower to fit our dashboards on one screen.

I realise I'm a massive Luddite, but I don't see how this is an improvement? Is there a hidden option somewhere I'm missing?  :/

(also, apologies if this is in the wrong forum, it was my best guess)


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  • I raised a similar comment about the new UI using a lot more vertical real estate during the beta/RC. From memory, the change was made as feedback suggested users found all of the information "cluttered" so they wanted to space it out more.

    I think I would prefer something halfway between. One of my biggest annoyances is that some of the neat information boxes now take up a lot more room (Node Details, Polling Details, Availability Stats) and a lot of reports and dashboards designed to fit particular screens or pages, etc now spill over.

  • Exactly. All my dashboards that were designed to fit on a big noc screen now don't fit on that screen any more, so we're missing boxes off the bottom and off the right hand side. Urgh. What really gets me is why would you get rid of the nice coloured grid format which is perfect for monitoring, and replace it with a style over substance field of grey, when the whole raison d'etre is monitoring? Bah.

    I'm glad it's not just me, anyway.

  • Hi tonedepear​ and steven carlson,

    This is exactly the right forum, so thank you for the comments.  Can you both answer just a few follow on questions for me?

    1. Is the spacing issue primarily in NOC views and reports, or are there other places as well where it is an issue for you?
    2. Colored grid--I want to understand more about this one.  In the screenshot you reference above, with old versus new in Last 25 Events resource, can you explain or point out more about what the issues are color-wise so I understand?

    Lastly, UX is an ongoing process, we will never get everything right for every type of user, but the most important part of anything we design or do is your feedback, so please, continue to let us know anything you like or do not like, either in this forum, in direct messages, or by signing up to participate in UX feedback sessions.  You can sign up here!   Sign Up to Participate in SolarWinds Feedback Sessions


    Kellie (meech)

  • Hi Kellie,

    Yes, primarily this issue is in various Summary Views I've built over the last couple of years for the noc monitoring. Basically they were designed to fit everything we needed to see on one big NOC monitor, now 1/3 of the information is hiding off the bottom of the screen. We've got round this short term by zooming out in the browser, so everything does fit but it's almost too small to read the alerts now.

    My grumble about the colours is that when monitoring from a few feet away, a solid bar of red/green/yellow is much easier to spot and react to than a series of grey bars with smaller red/yellow/green icons if that makes sense? It's bearable but not as good in my opinion.

  • Hi tonedepear​ yes thank you.  Please, keep the feedback coming!  And it would be great if you signed up for UX feedback sessions, sounds like it would be good for us to take a tour of some of the Summary Views you're building!

  • tonedepear​, As Kellie ( meech ) said, sign up for the UX feedback session.  The UX folks do an amazing job of getting customers feedback and relaying it to the developers.  They listen, take screen shots, review your commentary to make sure they got it right and here is the kicker for many....they follow up with you on any additional questions especially any coming  back from the product owners/developers. 

  • Hi Kellie,

    1. Primarily yes, I see the spacing to be an issue on the NOC or Summary views (take up more vertical room). The other place I see it a bit is in Application Details in SAM - the Processes and Services resource contains a lot of wrapping text to accommodate all of the extra spacing (including with widened columns).


  • Then... you could always use Report Writer to create your own custom view and make it fit your dashboard.

    I had a similar issue with wanting an extra column in the 'Down Nodes' frame so I made my own.

    Try this link out on how it's done. Hope this helps.