Cisco Live EMEA 2020


Who would have guessed it, the SolarWinds crew will attend CLEUR at the end of January:


You’ll find Leon, me, and some hand-picked experts from our offices in Cork, Berlin, and Austin at booth 23A.

What are we going to show? Well, there’s good and bad news.
We updated pretty much everything a few weeks ago, and someone put it nicely together in this highly efficient document.
So, there’s nothing new to show in January, but I noticed during the last SolarWinds LabTm episode, maps are still a big topic for you guys. So, let’s talk MAPS. Yes, I capitalized it.

How about you drop by our booth with a pic of your MAPS?
I know most of you can’t share them here for obvious reasons, but a static pic on your phone might be possible.
Show us what you did there. Bonus points if it includes a cat in one or another way.

What else is happening? Actually, a lot!
As the show starts on Monday, it’s a good idea to register on Sunday if possible.
You’ll find the official schedule here.

I’m a little bit concerned because the “special guest performers” haven’t been announced yet.
Maybe Nine Inch Nails and a 70’s tribute band from a local town nearby—to cover both high hopes and low expectations. Either way, Cisco will find great entertainment for us.

If not, well, there’s always plan B:


So, drop by our booth during the week, and bring your MAPS!

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