SolarWinds EMEA Partner Summit – Everything You Need to Know

The other day, I wrote a few lines about the upcoming SolarWindsRegistered Partner Summit in Berlin and promised I’d be back with more details.

While we’re still working on fine-tuning some moving parts, we’re confident this is going to be our largest summit so far.

We’re offering three study courses for the technical consultants and presales folks during the week at the same time:

Security Event Manager (SEM) and Access Rights Manager (ARM)
Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)
Architecture and Design of the OrionRegistered Platform

Each track will run for the full week, so you’ll need to choose one, but on Friday there’s an opportunity to sit multiple SolarWinds Certified ProfessionalRegistered (SCP) exams.
Good news: Attendees can choose any existing SCP exam and aren’t limited to these three.

The most important day during the week is Tuesday when all attendees meet for a packed agenda. Here’s an outline of what’s going to happen:

08:45     Welcome Address
Ludo Neveu, SolarWinds

09:00     SolarWinds 2020
Ludo Neveu, SolarWinds

09:30     SolarWinds Product Strategy      
Sandy Orlando, SolarWinds

10:15     Coffee Break
Mr. Coffee

10:30     Setting You Up for Success – Part 1
Kevin Bury, SolarWinds

11:15     Setting You Up for Success – Part 2
Andrea Webb, SolarWinds

12:00     Lunch
Some chef, hopefully

13:00     Keynote Speech
Santosh Pathak, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital

13:45     Partnering With SolarWinds
Matt Clark, SolarWinds

14:15     Live Webcast: IT Operations Management With SolarWinds
John O Callaghan and Sascha Giese, SolarWinds

15:00     Coffee Break
Another local barista talent

15:15     Channel Champions
Sascha Giese – oh, that’s me again

15:45     Executive Panel
Various, SolarWinds

16:00     Wrap-up
John O Callaghan, SolarWinds

17:00     Departure from Lobby for Drinks Reception and Partner Awards Dinner

Now here’s when things get interesting! What are we going to do?
So, we put all the attendees in a bus or two and visit this iconic landmark:


We’re going to host the drinks reception and the EMEA Channel Award ceremony in the Fernsehturm.

As the venue is a bit limited in space and going to close early, we need to move on for dinner.
While screening the area for a nice location, we found a whopping burger chain around the corner, but successfully ignored it.

Instead, there’s a Bavarian place within walking distance. While I’m personally puzzled why there’s a Bavarian restaurant in an international city like Berlin, I guess it’s a great treat for our guests from all over EMEA so they can experience the famous “Oktoberfest” feeling: Loads of beer, loads of meat, and loads of music. Weird music.

On Wednesday, the technical track continues with training, but the commercial teams don’t need to feel left out. We got study material for you guys, too!
We’re offering onsite training for the “SolarWinds Sales Expert” program which is delivered by my colleague John O Callaghan and me. Based on the feedback of a previous test group, we managed to shorten the content and deliver it in a four-hour session, divided by a lunch break.

There won’t be an exam in the traditional way, but there’s an online assessment you can take at your own time.

Stuff will more than likely be happening on Wednesday evening for the technical attendees.
In fact, we came up with something nice each time so far, but we didn’t book anything yet because we don’t know how large the group is.
Don’t you worry: There’s always a plan B or plan S as in Schnitzel.

Let me summarize the important bits and pieces:

EMEA Partner Summit
Berlin, February 3 – 7
nhow Hotel, Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Any news, updates, changes, and registration info will be posted here.
In case you didn’t register already, go for it.

Looking forward to…ah, it’s in Germany, so: Wir sehen uns in Berlin.