EMEA Partner Summit 2020

Alright EMEA folks, in just 6 weeks, we’re going to meet again, as we’ve almost finished planning our 2020 SolarWinds Channel Partner Summit.

Funny enough, we still call it annual even though there were two instances in 2019, so, let’s say the last one in September was just a test, but now we’re getting serious. Even though it’s probably going to be a bit chilly.



For the second time, the event takes place in Berlin, because it’s a little easier to reach than Cork.
While browsing for an interesting location, we discovered the nhow Hotel, located in former East Berlin.

Apparently, the room service menu contains keyboards and guitars, just in case someone feels inspired at 02:00 a.m. Before you do so, please check if I’m in the room next to you!

As in the past, we’re running a commercial and a technical track, but we changed a thing or two.

The technical track, leading to the SolarWinds Certified ProfessionalRegistered (SCP) certification, now contains three different focus topics: Access Rights Manager (ARM), Architecture and Design of the OrionRegistered Platform, and, for the first time, Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). The DPA training is still in the “beta” phase, and we look forward to any feedback you have.

As each of the tracks will run for the full week, it’ll only be possible to study one, but on Friday you could potentially sit multiple SCP exams.

Now for the other news—we’re ready to officially roll out our “SolarWinds Sales Expert” program and will provide both the training and the accreditation on-site. While the training doesn’t have (and doesn’t need) the technical depth of the SCP, it’s still a packed agenda and covers eight of the most important SolarWinds solutions.
Attending partners can get in touch with their Partner Manager for more details.

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the details yet regarding the networking opportunities and the location of the Channel award ceremony. Well, there’s rumored to be a location high up in the air, but we’ll see.

By the way, in September we visited the video game museum:


Expect another blog with more details as soon as I have them.
Until then, please register ahead here.

The TLDR Version:

SolarWinds Channel Partner Summit
Berlin, 03. – 07. February
nhow Hotel, Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Click here to register