EMEA Partner Summit: No One Gives Up

Ah, 2020, let me see if I get this right: a pandemic, earthquakes, locust swarms, murder hornets, hurricanes, flooding, swine fever, a volcanic eruption, and now, apparently, alien life on Venus.

But this won’t stop us from planning our next EMEA Partner Summit for 2021!

Initially, we considered an easy-to-reach location like Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Paris, but for obvious reasons, we’re now following the trend and virtualizing the event.

If you’re a SolarWindsRegistered Partner, you should have already received some information in the monthly newsletter. You do read the newsletter, right?
In case you didn’t get the memo, please make room in your calendar from January 18 – 22.

What are we going to do? To be honest, we’re not totally sure yet! Still, I can tell you we’re planning to recreate the in-person event—minus the dinner and drinks, unfortunately.

We’re going to use a platform called Bizzabo, which looks promising. It allows us to run breakout sessions and is accessible from various browsers and mobile apps. With the breakout session feature, we’ll be able to provide the same level of technical training as we did during previous summits; in fact, our trainers are experienced in delivering virtual classroom trainings.

There will be keynotes, and since it’s set in January, we should have a new set of updates just out of the door, so we can talk in detail about what’s new in the world of SolarWinds.


That’s all I have for now, but I’ll keep you updated as soon as there’s more information. It’s still four months away!

Four more months in 2020—what could possibly go wrong? Zombies, or—an old classic—raining frogs? An invasion of huge, hairy spiders? No! I’d be open to vampires, though.

Watch this space!