Channel Champions – Totally Excellent People!

Hello world. I’d like to introduce some important folks to you.

In EMEA and APJ, SolarWinds relies a lot on its business Partners for distribution.

Some of the Partners have access to their own technical resources, and they bring additional value to their customers and provide help during the design of a SolarWinds deployment, staff training, and ongoing on-site or remote support. These technical consultants, who are usually SolarWinds Certified Professionals multiple times over, are invaluable to us, but more importantly they give their own companies a great competitive advantage.

In their companies, they carry different job titles like the already-mentioned technical consultant, or solution engineer, solution architect, professional services management—you name it.
But some of them now have an additional title: SolarWinds Channel Champion.

Channel Champions is an advocacy program allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to channel Partners by giving them a seat at the table.

The Champions advocate SolarWinds both within their companies and externally within their end user base. They also sit on a panel of Partners whom SolarWinds consults to help shape multiple aspects of the business, including product development, and the channel program as a whole.

Now, enough of the blah-blah, let me give them the limelight, so they can introduce themselves!


Edwin Hoekman, Adfontes Software, Netherlands


“My name is Edwin Hoekman. My journey in IT started shortly after finishing my study Aeronautical Engineering. I started as a Tandem/HP NonStop trainee at ING (1998). In total I worked for 19 years for the ING. After my traineeship I worked as a System Engineer for NonStop and Mainframe systems.

“In 2017, my journey with ING ended and I was planning to take sabbatical. At the beginning of my sabbatical I met Adfontes Software. Their enthusiasm for SolarWinds was great and contagious. So here my journey with SolarWinds started. Since then I became a SolarWinds enthusiast.

“I have been on Trade shows with Adfontes and SolarWinds, as a tech guy, to promote and explain SolarWinds products. I have my own little environment to do testing and give demos.

“I really enjoy every minute working with SolarWinds and I try to spread my enthusiasm for SolarWinds to others.

Privately I am a blue water diver (the water in Europe is too cold). Me and my wife have been all over the globe to see the underwater world and sometimes we help with surveys on the health of the coral.“


Darryl Drinkwater, Loop1, UK


“The whole of my working career has been focused on network and system management and monitoring, often within secured environments. Around 20 years ago, I was given a copy of the SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset and asked to assess it as a possible adjunct to my new employer’s monitoring software and the paths and fortunes of myself, Kenson (now Loop1 UK) and SolarWinds have been intertwined ever since.

“I have a background in Training and Development, with a post-graduate award from Cambridge University and Fellowship of the LPI, a collector’s mentality, hence the eight current SCPs and an evangelist’s zeal for implementing consistent, accurate and effective system monitoring following ITIL guidelines. A typical week consists of 50% end-user training and 50% consultancy for clients of all sizes and in all sectors plus a healthy portion of support for the pre-sales and marketing departments including frequent participation in trade shows and conferences where I can stretch an analogy to its breaking point.”



Thomas Löfstrand, Nethouse SE, Sweden


“In 2003, a colleague of mine said: "I have sold this SolarWinds Orion NPM to a customer. You have been working with other monitoring tools before – why don’t you install this also". So, I did, and I found that it was good, very good. And ever since that day I have been installing, configuring, and supporting the SolarWinds Orion Platform and suite for many customers around Sweden and our neighbor countries. In almost all kinds of business, both private and public market.

“The IT world is in constant change and SolarWinds is doing a good job keeping up with that change – that makes my life with Orion interesting and challenging. There is always something new to find.  

“During the years I have been working part time as a MS SQL DBA. Combining SQL and Orion knowledge gives a huge benefit. I love creating views, alert and reports in my Orion deployment using my SQL skills. Creating new possibilities with all that data the Orion Platform gathers.

“When I am not working, I do some photographing, preferable portrait photos, and together with my father-in-law we experiment with beer brewing. Two hobbies where details are important and the result is enjoyable.”


Venkatesh Ayyala, Spire Solutions, UAE


“While I have had basic exposure on computers and different coding languages in school and college, I started my professional journey with Tek-Tools that built a monitoring and reporting product for Servers, Backups, Storage and Applications. In Jan 2010, SolarWinds bought Tek-Tools, and I became part of Sales Engineering team and that continued for about eight years, I'm currently working with Spire Solutions, exclusive UAE distributor for SolarWinds. If not work... I generally spend time with family, watching movies, and occasional trips over the globe.”


Holger Mundt, i-Tresor, Germany


“With almost 17 years of professional IT experience, I started my journey as an Intern at T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, while I was studying Electrical Engineering at Aalen University in Southern Germany. 


“After I graduated with a master’s degree in 2007, I started working as an Archiving Consultant. In 2010, together with one of my colleagues, I founded my own company. 


“Soon after the company gained traction in the market, SolarWinds was added to the portfolio. As a monitoring consultant I set up numerous SolarWinds installations in the DACH region from small to large. Today I service global SolarWinds instances and shares my knowledge within the community. 

Being nominated as Channel Champion and THWACK MVP, I have proven my dedication to SolarWinds as well as a deep knowledge of the monitoring field. 

“When not working, you can find me at one of Austria’s many lakes!”


Franco Sollner, heureka, Germany


“I have been working for heureka e-Business GmbH for nine years and am responsible for SolarWinds products since the very beginning. 

“As Head of Professional Services, I run training courses, carry out projects and implementations, advise SolarWinds users as well as those who want to become SolarWinds users. 

“Both professionally and privately I am a full-blooded technician. If you can't find me at the PC, I am in my small workshop, working on something. I am also a passionate PC gamer and car lover.”

Mark Roberts, Prosperon, UK


I am the Technical Director of Prosperon Networks, a U.K.-based reseller and provider of consultancy and training services for SolarWinds. Having worked with hundreds of SolarWinds customers to design, implement and deliver training, I am keen to share my knowledge and ideas with those who are responsible for delivering IT service to users, especially within the dark arts of monitoring. I’m a regular blog poster and contributor to THWACKRegistered, and I’m proud to be a THWACK MVP.
Outside of work, family time is most important with two very active kids and a love of travel and adventures making life busy and fun. 'Me' time is taken up by my passion for football and golf which fill in any spare time that exists.

So, that’s a lot, isn’t it? SO MANY EXPERTS! And we created a badge just for them:


I’m sure in the future, when everything brightens up a little, you can meet some of the fellas at tradeshows or SolarWinds events in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. They’re always open for a chat about more than just the Orion SDK. Even if that’s their favorite topic.

Take care!

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