Remotely Monitoring Solarwinds Services

This application installs a windows service which remotely monitors the status of selected Solarwinds services. A configuration utility provides the GUI to make changes to the monitoring settings.

The attached archive contains 'Orion Service Monitor.msi' and 'Setup.exe'


Requires .Net 4.5.2


  • Do not install on your Orion server, the purpose of this solution is to remotely monitor the Solarwinds services on your Orion server.
  • The service will not be running by default.
  • The settings used to for the service are saved to Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config. As this file will contain credentials it is  protected using the systems DataProtectionConfigurationProvider.
  • A log file 'log.text' will be available once the service is running.
  • The following files are installed:
    • Orion Service Monitor Configuration.exe
    • Orion Service Monitor Configuration.config
    • Orion Service Monitor Service.exe - This service is installed and displayed in Service Control Manager as 'Orion Services Monitor'
    • Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config
    • Orion Service Monitor Service.InstallState
    • Orion Service Monitor.InstallState
    • System.Net.Http.dll

1. Installation:

Run setup.exe to begin the installation. The installation requires elevated permission.





2. Service Configuration

Once installed, Open  'Orion Service Monitor Configuration' from the 'Orion Service Monitor' program group or run Orion Service Monitor Configuration.exe directly from the installation directory.

There are 3 sections to configure:

1. Solarwinds Orion Server Details. Here you will define the details of the server and credentials used to connect and query the service status via WMI.

2. Select Services. Here you will select the services to be monitored and monitoring interval.

3 E-Mail configuration. Here you will define the email settings to send notifications.


Enter the details required to connect to the Orion server and click 'Test Connection'


Once the connection is successful the settings will be saved and the 'Select Services' tab will be enabled.


Click 'Refresh List / Change Settings' to list the Solarwinds services available for monitoring.


Select the services to be monitored and the required monitoring interval, then click 'Save Monitoring Settings'


The currently monitored services will be displayed. Changes can be made by clicking 'Refresh List / Change Settings'


Configure the required settings for your SMTP server, click 'Test Email' and 'Save Email Settings'

Once the 3 sections have been configured you can Start the service.

Orion Service Monitor
  • What monitors the monitoring solution - This!

  • Seal of approval!

    Does the job, lightweight, sits somewhere in background on your domain controller random member server!

  • I believe there is an issue with the current version posted.  It seems to be hardcoded to send to Tony instead of the email address I put in the configuration.  I would love for this to work correctly though.

  • Hi Jaxnoth,

    I have checked the project and there is no hard coded recipient in what should be the release version.

    What is the value of the SMTP_SERVER_TO key in the app.config file?



  • The Orion Service Monitor Configuration file is fairly blank even after saving the email settings.  I do not see an app.config file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



            <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5.2"/>







  • Have you worked around this?  I too am seeing the same issue trying to test email.  Going to Tony's contact vs the configured recipient.

  • I have attached an updated version which includes a 4th tab to allow you decrypt the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file which contains all the settings. Please try the following.

    1. Make a copy of the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file

    2. Uninstall the current version

    3. Install the new version Orion Service Monitor Installation 13-09-17

    4. Restore the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file to the install directory - (C:\Program Files (x86)\Orion Service Monitor)

    5. Launch the "Orion Service Monitor Configuration" applictaion

    6. Go to the "Configuration File Options" tab - the Decrypt button should be enabled, click this.

    7. Open the "Orion Service Monitor Service.exe.config" file in notepad to view the settings.


    Here is an example of the file which is created during install

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



            <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5.2"/>



        <add key="ORION_SERVER" value="" />

        <add key="ADMIN_USERNAME" value="" />

        <add key="ADMIN_PASSWORD" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_USERNAME" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_PASSWORD" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_AUTH" value="FALSE" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_TLS" value="FALSE" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_TO" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_FROM" value="" />

        <add key="SMTP_SERVER_PORT" value="25" />

        <add key="MONITORING_INTERVAL" value="" />

        <add key="WMI_VALID" value="No" />

        <add key="SERVICES" value="" />

        <add key="REPEAT_EMAIL" value="False" />