over 1 year ago

The current platform supports full size screens, tablet displays, and mobile device displays.  There is no need for a specific 'app' anymore!

Thwack Forum Mobile App

I don't know about you guys & gals - but I love Thwack.

Here's my problem - I don't have enough time to participate as much as I would like. When I'm at my desk - I'm in Orion or in other actual systems engineering or troubleshooting, not always in Thwack - though it does live in a primary tab and on my favorite bar.

Here's my idea - a Customized Mobile Application for the forum. I use Mobile Admin - it doesn't stink, and from what I've seen - neither does the WHD and Dameware Apps - the capacity is there. The size of the community is clearly there.

This way I could actually follow and participate with on-going things, people, questions, ideas etc. all the time - no matter what I'm working on at my desk - cause my phone and tablet are just sitting there waiting for that push notification either at my desk or out at coffee or whatever!

When I have a few free moments at home (LOL) I can catch up with the content the aLTeReGo Leon Adato Lawrence Garvin Patrick Hubbard sqlrockstar and others are either talking about to advising me to do! I could be favorit-ing it from the sofa or by the blazing chimenea out in the backyard so I can follow up on it tomorrow and implement it the next day (With much luck).

So c'mon. Lets get their attention and move this community forum mobile! *ahem* DanielleH emoticons_happy.png

Unless there's a completely different way of doing this sort of thing other than using a mobile browser to go to Thwack that I don't know about or if its compatible with Tapatalk or some other forum app thing (with push notifications) I don't know about - I'm ALLL ears - by all means please let me know or if this should go someplace else. I wasn't sure where would be the best place to float this one out there.