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Suggestions for better Orion Product Team Blog

I get the notification about the product blog in NPM.  However I have been reluctant, with my busy schedule, to follow the link and read up on the latest news.  Today I studied why that is a bit closer and have some suggestions.

I found that I spend a lot of time scrolling back down to the next article after Ignoring one I am not interested in.  This is because each time you choose to ignore, you are placed back at the top of the page.  If you have saved previous articles for future reference/reading, you then have to scroll back down to where the next article starts.  Not bumping us to the top with each ignore would definitely help and then the next article would appear in the window and you could continue from there.  However that is not the way it works today.

Another way to make this work better would be to organize the page in such a way were we saw just the titles and could expand on them if we are interested that would be helpful.  I do like the "Ignore" button which would also be helpful to keep on the title line so the ones we are not interested in could be removed from the listing.  A further enhancement might be to provide a check box for each article and then an ignore button to ignore all checked articles.

Overall I just think there could be some redesign here to make navigating and taking advantage of this valuable resource easier on the reader.

  • I see that this page now crashes when you click "CHECK NOW".  Even when you select the "Show all blog posts" option.  At least in my environment.

    It also has no also has no Product Blog posts which is sad.  So much for them implementing improvements.

  • The URL is https://<ip address>:<port>/Orion/Admin/ProductsBlog.aspx from within Orion.  I get to it by clicking the "More Details" link in the "new blog post(s)" notification that pops up in the notifications bar at the top of Orion screens.

    Tried pasting in screenshots here with no luck so I will get them to you another way if you still need them.

    When viewing an article post in this format, if you scroll way, way over to the right, there is an "Ignore" button.  If you press that button, the related article is removed from the display.  However each time you choose to ignore an article, the screen refreshes to the top of the page rather than just leaving you where you were in the article list.  This means to get back to where you left off reading, when you pressed the ignore button on an article, you need to scroll down in the articles again to that point rather than just continuing from that point.

    Let me know if you need more...


  • Hi Mike Lomax‌ - this is a little late in my response so I apologize in advance, but as I am working through my 2016 roadmap, I came across this feature request from you. I was wondering if you could provide me with some screenshots of what you're referring to when you are selecting the ignore feature. It would be helpful if I could also get the URL of the area you're seeing this issue.