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over 1 year ago

Modify the Customer Portal and the Hotfix downloads to support NAM licensing, or modify NAM licensing to allow downloads of individual hotfixes

After I upgraded to NAM licensing last year (an EXCELLENT solution to my budget & licensing needs!), it seems Hotfixes need to be made available via bundle instead of per Solarwinds module.  That's OK only if the NAM-compatible bundles are released at the same time as the individual modules' hotfixes. 

But they are not.

An alternate is to change the Hotfix availability to take into account NAM licensing.  The latest UDT hotfix is not available to me once I went to NAM licensing--the Customer Portal doesn't show the stand-alone / "non-NAM" hotfix as something I can download.

How do I keep NAM components up to date in a manner equivalent to if I still had the individual module licenses, when the Portal doesn't allow me to download the individual hotfixes now that I'm using NAM licensing?

  • It seems I will need more details. I'll direct message you with additional questions emoticons_happy.png

  • serena​, that what I'd HOPED would happen, but after running the NAM Hotfix Bundle, and also after trying the offline hotfix installer, I still have two different versions of UDT on APE's & the main NPM instance.

    The main instance and one APE are running UDT version, the three APE's I rebuilt from scratch are running

    That doesn't seem right.  And I don't know how to fix it.  Can you offer advice?


  • If you're using the online NAM installer, run it again, and it will detect any released hotfixes that are available for the entire suite based on your Orion platform version. Also, the offline hotfix bundle that is available in customer portal will also work for your NAM installation.


    Running the hotfix bundle will give you all the latest hotfixes that are released all at once so it preserves the streamlined and simplified upgrade process that we introduced with the new Orion installer.