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over 2 years ago

Make SolarWinds as an enterprise product

Please make Orion secure, stable and possible to upgrade with out downtime.
Also make a buildin monitoring of the health of Orion it self.
And create a tool to test if the Solarwinds servers follows SolarWinds hardning best practices.
Stop making any other freatures before these. Thanks.

  • Your definition of "enterprise product" must be different than mine; however, the point I want to rebut is your last comment, "upgrade time has minimal if any actual downtime."  I have years of experience that indicates otherwise.

    Even with HA, there is downtime during the upgrade and during the execution of Configuration Wizard, because HA must be disabled to do an upgrade (you cannot upgrade the standby server while the active server continues to work).

    During a centralized upgrade, the Orion Web Console redirects to the centralized upgrade page and doesn't allow using the product; this means that the product is unavailable (not strictly "downtime," but this has an operational impact none-the-less).

    Centralized upgrades upgrade all (or several in large environments) APE's and AWS's simultaneously after the MPE is upgraded.  Orion services are stopped on every server being upgraded--which equates to downtime.  There's a long ramp-up time when starting the website itself, and running configuration wizard is hardly a fast endeavor--especially on the MPE and AWS's.

    Upgrades have a significant operational impact because a large amount of polling data can't be collected and the Web Console only allows access to the upgrade page.  That's a lot of downtime for large portions of the product and loss of usability for the users.  Imagine what it would look like if Google or Amazon had to shut down nearly all of their services just to upgrade their core products.  That would be completely unacceptable, don't you think?

    (And no, SolarWinds isn't Google or Amazon or some other huge company on the planet.  But it never will be if the company thinks small and doesn't plan for growth and the future.  Orion isn't reliably scalable, and it will never be an enterprise product if that problem isn't fixed.)

  • I would up vote this but, I don't agree with each of the bullets. Perhaps break them out as I have done and upvote them individually. SW is an Enterprise product. Upgrade time has minimal if any actual downtime. 

  • :) great Request. I fully agree.