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Dark Theme for THWACK

While we're waiting patiently for #DarkTheme to arrive for the SolarWinds Platform, while sat here at thr London SWUG 2023, I had moment of inspiration, powered by Rob's inclusion session.

Many screen users, be it desktop, laptop, tablet ot phone, struggle with eye strain. If THWACK itself also had a dark theme option, it would drive further engagement, and also help improve every user by the 190K÷ THWACKsters.

For me personally, who does occasionally struggle with overly bright interfaces, it would be a welcome addition and bring about my personal THWACK nirvana!

While there are ways to kinda do this already, with browser add-ons and plugins, a native option would be great, allow the awesomeness to persist across devices, for those who often jump between kit.

  • I just started a demo with another vendor .. who has come a long way .... a compliment to my Orion deployment .. and they have a Dark Theme!!! Come on SW!

  • #darktheme 'nuff said. Need it, want it, save my eyeballs please. Nerd

  • SolarWinds has a Settings/Color Scheme radio button that you can change the colors in SolarWinds. They have such obscure colors as "Firebrick", "Army Green", "Red Roses" and many more... where is the stealthy #darktheme color scheme? It is time, someone from SolarWinds got in there and did their duty to THWACK.

  • Had an issue getting this submitted while I was at the London SWUG. It seems it ended up being posted multiple times, with the eventual one that was kept missing out my justification, so I'll add it here:

    I wanted to add that the quest for #DarkTheme isn't just a MVP meme, it's also has an environmental angle to it. Websites and apps which have a dark mode use significantly less power to display their content than their eyeball-roasting counterparts. If you think of the number of THWACKsters out there, if THWACK had a dark mode, it'd have a significant impact on our own carbon footprint.

    Add that to the same if we were to have a dark theme for the SolarWinds Platform as a whole (no, I don't mean SWO, I know that has one already Stuck out tongue), and the number of large screens where dashboards are being displayed 24/7/365.... it all helps the Earth americas!

    Disclaimer: OLED screens benefit the most from the power reductions. LCD/LED screens, not so much and may even use MORE power... but as many large screens are OLED these days, my argument for the implementation still stands Wink