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over 2 years ago

Admin guides in Kindle epub format

Am I the only one or  - - -

I often travel reading my Kindle and, being a sad and boring person, I end up reading technical books on it. Although I know that I can upload a PDF document, they do not wrap, font sizes are fixed and I end up zooming and scrolling backwards and forwards just to read a section. It's all very tedious emoticons_sad.png

If the admin guides were available as Kindle downloads, or at second best as a VitalSource Bookshelf or some other epub format, I could read them during my down-times.

Who knows, if they were made available from the Kindle store, there might even be a chance to pick up some passing trade.



  • Believe it or not, this is a conversation I've started pushing in the last couple of weeks myself.

    Now understand that Kindle, iTunes, and Nook all will NOT permit you to post a title in their system for free.

    SO... would you be willing to drop the minimum amount ($0.99 US) on the ebook version?

  • Hi Leon,

    If that 's what it takes it'll be 99c well spent. Alternatively, it could be made free as a "compatible" format that could be uploaded to a Kindle over USB.



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