THWACK Point and Ranking System - Updated April 29, 2020

As mentioned in this blog post, there are some changes as to how you can level up, earn points, and your position on the leaderboard. Now that the migration is complete, I wanted to take a second to give you all an idea of the new ranking and points system.


Your level will no longer be constrained by points! On the new system, your actions and engagement with THWACK will help you climb the ladder.

Here are some parameters that are considered for your level or “rank” as they shall henceforth be known. Actions are weighted. You will rank up as you complete various actions over the lifetime of your account.



Posting Question




Rate or like content


Have someone @ mention you


Get your content rated or liked


Create an idea (feature request)


Comment on an idea


Have your answer marked as correct


Guest blog


Clear as day, right?

Let me give you a real-life example.

The first few levels, all you must do to rank up is create an account, like content at least once, and click around about 60 times. 

Easy right?

Here’s an example of a higher-level threshold:

The number of questions, replies, guest blogs, ideas, comments on ideas, comments on documents all together must be more than 1000. On top of that, you must have more than 1500 “posts” (this includes all of the above) AND! The number of times your answer has been marked correct, the number of likes you have, the number of times you’ve liked, and the number of times you’ve been tagged must be at least 400.

Sound crazy? A little, but don’t worry. As mentioned, we hustled and migrated your activity from “old” THWACK to “new” THWACK. Some of you might find yourselves high in the ranks already.


Kudos are weighty “likes”. Your thumbs up, now more than ever, means even more. I’m not telling you this to make you think twice about giving these lofty praises, the opposite, in fact. Spread those kudos around like butter on toast.

Kudos do help you show up higher on the leaderboard, it’s true. They also help people find the content they’re looking for by showing up higher in the search and by presenting the top kudoed authors right there on the home page for you to friend.

So don’t be stingy. Let’s make it rain kudos.


As a plus, we also worked some very long hours to ensure the store and your points came along with your account to the new platform (As a note- what you’re seeing are the points you have available for spending, not your lifetime points as we displayed previously). The actions below are how you can continue to earn points. We’ll be adding limited promotions throughout the year as well, so keep an eye out!



Complete a survey


Customer reference for analyst relations or award nomination


Community Onboarding Mission - You Don't Know THWACK - The Onboarding Mission​


Link your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts


Customer reference call


Be quoted by SolarWinds


Get quoted in a press release


Guest blogger

2,000 per blog

Participate in a case study


Media reference*


Attend Virtual Classroom training session

Earn up to 2,000 per class

Case study press release*


Participate in a walk-through or usability test with the UX team

3,000 per session

Participate in a Beta or Release Candidate

3,000 per beta/rc

Participate in customer testimonial video


Participate in Mini and Monthly Missions

Up to 3,000 per mission

Participate in a webcast


Participation as a speaker/panelist at a SolarWinds event


In short, think of the new system like this:

Rank = activity/contributions

Leaderboard = kudos

Points = extra-curricular activities and limited-time promotions**

As you can probably tell, this took some thought. So please frame any constructive criticism in the form of a compliment sandwich.

**We’re working on expanding what actions give you points – we want to bring back part of the older system which gave points for participating around THWACK – for example, commenting, posting, and marking solutions as correct.

You can still use all those points in the THWACK store. Check out this thread for more information about the store and periodic updates.

  • How do we find out lifetime points on the new site?

  • Hi !

    The points next to your avatar are the only points this new system shows (this is what you have available for spending at the store).

    If you're really super curious, DM me and I'll find your lifetime points - just be aware that they don't matter for ranking right now. 

  • Is there a way to see our points earning history (aka what activities we have done that have earned us points) like there was on the old site?

  • How can we verify we've been awarded points correctly?  Like  asked.

  • I have been away from Thwack quite a bit since the upgrade to the new platform working on other projects. I plan on spending more time here in the future, once again. How do you go back and add your old friends back onto your friends list? Also, is there a tutorial / overview of the new platform or "just figure it out" will be the approach?





  •   Is there any easy way to see the level breakdowns? For example, I'm at level 10, what's going to put me into level 11?

  • Hi gkjono 

    I can answer part of the question. The easiest way to get to level 11 is to post questions, get involved with discussions, answer questions and have them marked as correct. 

    Basically getting involved in THWACK.



  • Thanks , but not really what I asked. I was hoping for something like:

    Level 11 = 1000 plus signs
    Level 12 = 1500 plus signs
    Level 13 = 2500 plus signs

    I understand the concept that the more you do stuff, the higher you rank, plus signs (or weighted actions) replace points, etc. But, you used to at least get a slider that gave you an idea how far you were from the next level. There isn't really any visibility into any of that now. 

    Even the weighting doesn't seem right. I have 150% as many solutions than you, I've received 449% as many kudos, and I've given 170% as many kudos. But because you've posted more you are at higher level than me.

  • Seems like a reasonable request to me  .  I've been wondering the same thing, but ...