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Duplicate Thwack emails

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but I am receiving two Thwack emails to my work address - how can change this so that I only get one? They arrive at different times, but this may be due to our email system. It seems to be all types of Thwack emails, not just Community Announcements, for example. 

  • There's a possibility (though generally a small one) that you have two email aliases tied to your account.  More likely (what I've seen in the past) is that there's a former employee who's email is being forwarded to you - this can also happen is someone signed up for THWACK with a Distribution List's email address.

    At the bottom of any THWACK email, you should have the "Unsubscribe" link.  Hover over that and see if one of them isn't your proper email.  If you don't need emails to that account, click on the unsubscribe link and remove it.  If it's something else, reach out to me via a Direct Message and we can work through whatever's happening.  

  • You were correct, it was an old email address format - I presume that our system translates it to the newer format. When I checked the 'To' address, it was the newer format for both. I have unsubscribed the old address. Thanks @KMSigma.

  • Not a problem.  Did you want me to delete the old account so we can't run into this again?

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