SWQL Covert bytes to GB

Hello All,

I have a SQL query that works great in SQL, but not in SWQL.  I want to convert it to SWQL so I can use it in the Custom Query widget.  Below you find the error I'm receiving in SWQL.  Any help is much appreciated.

SQL - Thumbsup
SELECT n.caption,
       cast(a.capacityb / 1073741824.0e AS decimal(10))
FROM   nodes n
JOIN   assetinventory_logicaldrive a
ON     a.nodeid = n.nodeid
WHERE  a.deviceid LIKE 'C:\%'
AND    a.capacityb <= '106300440576'
AND    n.machinetype LIKE 'Windows 2016%'

SWQL - Thumbsdown
SELECT n.caption,a.deviceid,a.volumename,CAST(a.CapacityB / 1073741824.0E AS DECIMAL(10, 2))
FROM Orion.Nodes n
JOIN Orion.AssetInventory.LogicalDrive a ON a.NodeID = n.NodeID
WHERE a.deviceid LIKE 'C:\%'
AND a.capacityb <= '106300440576'
AND n.machinetype LIKE 'Windows 2016%'

ERROR SolarWinds.InformationService.Core.InformationService - SWQL Studio (null)