THWACK store item - More info about the SkullCandy earbuds

Hello everyone here on Thwack. I just wanted everyone to know that I was one of the few who managed to snag a set of the Skull Candy Earbuds before they went out of stock.

In case anyone wanted more details about them. They are the Skull Candy Indy Evo. 

Skullcandy's Indy Evo in Ear True Wireless Earbuds

The charger case is 2.5 inches square and one inch thick and fairly lightweight. 

My initial impressions from a Thwack points economics standpoint is that you get more for your points with the JBL headphones which are 5,000 more points as of 2023-01-25. 

  • Thanks for the shout out/review!  is doing what he can to make the store great for y'all. :)

  • get more for your points with the JBL headphones

    And I would add my 2p worth about the JBL's.

    I got a set, and they now languish on a shelf behind me. The reason being is that they give me a head and ear ache due to them being overly tight, and no way to make them flex more to fit my (admittedly **) big head. I even contacted JBL directly and they said sorry, there is no means to 'stretch' the band to make it more comfortable.

    ** for those interested, I typically wear a 2XL hat size (at the top end of that) if I can find them.

    Other than that the JBL's were nice, with a good sound quality when I used them. I use a Jabra headset now as I've never got on with ear buds, and that is much more comfortable for my big noggin Laughing

  • Good to know about the Skullcandy's. I already have a set of Indy Evos and am not all that big a fan of them so I'll pass on them since I have sync issues with grabbing just the right earbud. It's the left side or both.

    I waited YEARS and I finally got the JBL's and I just found out they were supposed to be Over the Ear and instead were On the Ear, so they get quite uncomfortable after an hour, but he sound quality is just great! So on one hand, I'm a bit disappointed, but OTOH, I'm really enjoying them because they are my best headset yet. I just wish I could wear them longer because I have a 3 hour ride to work every day and it would be great to have them to drown out the road noise for the whole trip. Oh well, I guess. Could be worse. #firstworldproblems