I haven't received points for surveys, including the ThwackCamp attendee survey.

Hi everyone! How long does it typically take to receive points from surveys? I have submitted 3 surveys, and gotten no points for them.

One was just today, and I know the points aren't instant, so I'm not concerned about that, but the others were a while ago.

In particular, the Thwack Camp attendee survey was done right away on the 9th when I received it, and today is the last day to get the 2000 points!

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  • All good.  Anything hosted directly on THWACK has automated points.  Anything that we host elsewhere (Virtual Academy Classes, THWACKcamp, Surveys, etc.) still have humans involved in the processing.  If you need any other help on how to navigate THWACK, by all means, be sure to stop by the THWACK Documentation.  I can't promise it'll cover everything since THWACK is constantly growing and evolving, but it's a good place to start.