Alerts for nodes in different time zones

I have a single NPM serve in AWS and monitoring nodes in different time zones.

We want to raise the alert priority in different time zones according to business hours. 

It will be a lot of Admin work to create multiple alerts and calculate business hours and non-business  hours for a specific zone

IS there any reference to alert creation for the above scenario? 

  • The short answer is yes, it is a lot of admin work to manage this.   Orion isn't natively particularly well dialed in to multi time zone situations to begin with, but even as bad as it is just within the platform it really has no idea what the time zone is for your monitored systems so you have to come up with a way to tell it what zone every object is in, and structure your rules to be sensitive to those zones. 

    Generally when I've needed to do something like this I will create a TimeZoneOffset property as a float, and use rules to set it based on my various branch offices.  So east coast would be -5 and pacific would be -8.  I have tried various techniques over the years, such as making different versions of each alert to reflect local time zones since everything in the alerting system goes based on system time for the primary Orion server.  Or I've done all my alerts in pure SQL and using functions to math out what I needed to do to deal with the time.  Or I've created sets of alerts that modify custom properties to basically switch a property between T/F depending on if we are in or out of the active business hours for a given site.

    All of these were fairly complex, all of them required some fussing around to get them working how we wanted but in the end any solution we tried was workable, just varying levels of admin complexity.