(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

"Legacy, what is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you'll never get to see." - Hamilton, the musical

I thought hard about how to write this out and what words were appropriate for this announcement. In reality, though words have never failed me, I can't seem to place them in a sentence in a way that makes sense of my decisions for you. Y'all know me, some better than others, but I hope that each one of you has felt my dedication to THWACK and your individual journeys here. It makes it so hard to say goodbye.

But goodbye I must say.

I want to regale you with stories of a sparkly new opportunity or a shiny new objective, but in reality the reasons for leaving don't matter. Only that, as I close this chapter in my life as THWACK's community manager, the next page comes, as surely as it ever does, with a new chapter for both of us. 

I want y'all to promise me you'll take good care of Danielle and Kevin! They're important to me, and they're instrumental to THWACK's success, and by proxy, your success.

I'm not sure what else to tell you or how to express how thankful I am that every day for the last two years has been filled with conversations and interactions with each of you. You've left a mark on my heart. I will never forget you. Unless I get some weird amnesia thing like in the movies. No promises.

Keep being awesome. Keep doing what you're doing. Thank you for trusting me with your THWACK experience for the last two years.

If ever you need me, I am but a DM away. Although – if you need something THWACK related you better hurry. August 5th is my last day. After that, contacting the team via email (thwackadmin@solarwinds.com) is going to be your best bet.

Always your friend.

Dedicated to your success,

Yum Darling

A poem to THWACK

Ah THWACK,  the things you've taught me
And how, with you, I've grown,
How am I to walk away
And abdicate this throne?

For two years I have managed you,
For two years we danced the dance
I'm so lucky to have met you,
Fortunate to have had the chance.

In light of all we've done here
And for all things yet to come
It's so hard to fade into darkness
So difficult to leave things undone

But as all things do, you shall go on
Even with the fading of my legwork
I will forever remember what you've taught me
"Blame it on the network"

So for every line of flowetry
For every planted earworm
Know that you'll be with me always
Even if we're far in the near term.

Keep doing what you're doing,
I know you have it in you
I'll be cheering from afar
The legacy will continue.

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