What is the biggest challenge you face in gaining visibility in your environment?

This poll corresponds with question number 1 for the May 2021 Monthly Mission - if the question hasn't become available to you, yet, please wait to answer in order to get your points.

  • No challenge - I use Orion ;-)

  • While not as bad as when I first started at my present company were the silo's.  Nobody wanted you to watch their stuff because they were afraid to air their dirty laundry so to speak.  That has evolved to being sure you have the right mix of tools..granted you still have other teams trying to tell you that certain tools no longer have a place or should have been taken out years ago.

  • Going with the "too many tools" answer, I would expand on that to say that even having just 2 or 3 tools creates challenges. They can include finding ways to normalize and collate the data, consolidating alert management, and also dealing with differing priorities (or even politics) when different teams own different tools.

  • Not at my present job but previously had - I would coin the term 'Manageer' - a manager that like to do engineering work and wasn't very good at it. 

  • Learning to use the tool that's in place to monitor that environment. That was two and a half years ago when I became an Application Administrator and first touched SolarWinds Orion. Now I feel like I am well versed in the tool and need to work on ancillary skills to be able to interface with the database and use SWQL and other deeper-rooted tech to help with my duties. I need more Monthly Missions to earn enough points for the SCP!

  • The biggest challenge that I have is getting the end user to define the actual monitoring requirement. Orion takes care of the rest.

  • I went with other, the biggest issue is that there is only one me, and 450 other IS staff to update everything else. Its hard to keep up with all of it. 

  • Teams as Well as leaderships willingness to allow the application to do what it does best monitor!

  • There is not a "too many tools" problem for me, but there are proprietary tools that do one or two specific things and not much else.  The separation of tools is important, I believe.  Having everything under one umbrella can paint yourself into a corner and leave you completely down in the even something goes wrong.

  • Too many silos. I manage the WAN, no insight into the servers or the databases. Leads to lots of finger-pointing, but doesn't look to change any time soon.