If you were in charge of purchasing a modern, SaaS-based APM solution....

  • I just sat through a presentation for a SaaS-based monitoring service. While not specifically APM, the idea of losing the ability to see my dashboards and for my systems to lose the ability to report on anything during an internet outage seems crazy to me. I sit in the same building as my data center along with many other departments for our company. If we lose internet, there is a lot we can still do. If my monitoring system depends on the internet, there will be a lot I can't see.

  • For a lot of places, that would be like saying I can't trust a digital display, I need an analog one in case the power goes out. Yes it might happen, but you don't need that function at that time. We have 4 points of connections in an out of our data centers. 2 to different internet providers, 2 to other data centers on dark fiber connections. Can we still lose the internet? Yes, but my monitoring of a SaaS services isn't the thing I need to look at if that happens. 

    We are still mostly running from our own data centers. The dependence on the internet grows the more your footprint shrinks. Assuming its there is now normal for many places. 

    It might totally not be the right call for where you work. Lots of things will dictate tool choices, and this is one. But if a Saas service is worth monitoring to your company, typically its worth investing in how you get to it making the dependency on Internet a discussion had long ago.