ASDM audit

This is my first post.  Looking to see if there is a way to run an audit from ASDM to identify rule changes that have been made that includes; user name, time, and date stamp?  I reviewed over the config change report, but it does not have enough detail and would like to go farther back in the criteria field.  Maybe cover last 3 - 6 months.  

  • Hi and welcome to the forum ...

    So are you saying you are looking for a syslog of sorts? Solarwinds has that built in, but we have opted not to use the built-in syslogger as we were already heavily using Kiwi Syslogger (now owned by SolarWinds anyway) as a standalone server app. We have now moved away from that as we kept losing logs due to hitting limits per second.

    So, if you're using the built-in version and bear in mind it has limitations, then you can create a report that does what you need - so long as your SWQL skills are up to the mark. And therein lies my problem Slight smile