Help with Reports to show weekly trending data

I am looking to run a report, or multiple reports, to show the total number of specific tickets for each week. This needs to show the overdue tickets that carry over from week to week.

Bar Category: On-Time Status

Bar Stack: Blank

Repetition Category: Week Opened (or Week Closed)

Date Attribute for Time Range: Date Opened (all date fields are left blank to show ALL tickets)

This shows me the tickets that were opened or closed within that week if I run it twice, one for each Repetition Category, but the number of overdue tickets is different for each report and I am not sure if the data I am getting is accurate.

Basically what I need is to be able to see the number of tickets that were opened and closed within a week, as well as which ones were on time or past due. I think what I have is accomplishing this, but I'm not sure if it is counting the tickets that carry over from week to week that are overdue.