New Site Software Comments


The site looks different, but I don't see many improvements in navigation.

For me to see the ip monitor forums, I have to do six clicks.  Some of the clicks involve filtering out a bunch of posts that the site is sure are "new" but are actually several years old.  It's a navigation mess, really.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that no one tested this migration, or they would have seen what was coming.  What's worse is that the site has been in this messed up state for days now and is not fixed.  

The site does load faster, so that is a positive.

Re: forum/space home:  I don't need all this extra stuff - I just want to get to the forum.  Product blog, geek speak, polls, groups, and the "space overview"  are useless clutter.  I have to click the content tab, then discussion.

I'm aware I can bookmark the forum, but it should not be this difficult to find what I need in the first place.

This software is great for building frustration in your customers, not a community.  Might be time to consider dumping jive and going with something easier to navigate.

When are the "new content" posts from 5 years ago going to fall off the list?


  • I'm sorry to hear your experience thus far has been less than stellar.  We did several walkthroughs and navigation was something almost every user slotted as an improvement.  This platform accommodates the rapid growth of IT users coming to the site for more than just SW products, not to mention SW product growth in itself.  It's unfortunate to hear you're not a fan yet.  This was a huge migration to move almost 10 years of data over and we apologize for any performance issues.  We are actively working to get these fires put out.  We are aware the Recent Content widget is not performing as it should and have found the culprit.  This will be corrected very soon.

    True, you will need to navigate to the forum you want.  But with the Bookmark feature, you'll only have to do this once.  Another option is to "Follow" your favorite forums/threads.  This activity will show up in your Activity stream.  You can then set your landing page preferences to land on your Activity stream page, thus eliminating activity you aren't interested in.  Also, the search bar will find spaces/forums, people, content exchange items... basically anything you are looking for with little navigation.

    We have some great things in store for the site come the next few months.  Support, PMs, and other SW staff are still very present in the new site, hopefully you'll still utilize that aspect of thwack.



  • Hey Term,

    I'm just a customer/user like yourself, but I do want to let you know that folks like you and me did test the new thwack and give input before it went live. Granted, no change is everyone's favorite, but I think most of us liked where it is heading. If you're a get-me-the-raw-data kind of guy like another fellow tech on here that I talked to last week, then some of the social stuff is probably annoying. Hopefully those bookmark and follow features will help you skip ahead tho.

    One thing that helped balance out the unwelcomed changes for the other thwack user was letting him know that some of the social goop does help some of the contributors (like me) see what's new and where we can give answers/input (better than it did before). It doesn't fix the facelift staring at you, but at least there might be a few more helpful answers under the covers once you get there.

    Thanks for hanging in there,

    Chris Gurley