Are you satisfied with the procedure of Solarwinds Certified professional online exam?

As number of free online exam like Juniper free certification has lost worth of exam.What is your opinion in this matter?.

  • Solarwinds is an outstanding product for Network Monitoring. My suggestion is that paper must take in any center.

  • I'm not sure what "Juniper free certification" you are referring to. The Juniper website indicates that all written exams are delivered only via PearsonVUE test centres. The only free certifications seem to be the occasonal offer of a voucher or as a way to tempt people with other qualifications (e.g. Cisco) to go for Juniper as well.

    In terms of exam taking, I'm in 2 minds on this. I do think there is a lot to be said for having to take the exam in a "sanitised" environment where the candidate has to provide proof they are who they say they are, and have controlled access to materials. However, the closed-book exam is not something I am a fan of; mainly because it is not a real life situation. While you could counter-argue that if you have the manual to hand you could find every answer, you still need to know where to look and also how to find it within the allotted time for the exam. But on the other hand (and I'm thinking particularly about Cisco here) it is very unlikely that you would be trying to do subnetting without some sort of tool - what self-respecting engineer doesn't have a subnetting calculator on his phone (or access to the wonder SolarWinds subnet calculator) these days? At the end of the day, even with the resources you still need to know *how* to use them to get the correct answer and apply the information they supply.

    Of course, one of the biggest things this doesn't take account of is experience. Sadly, I've found in the Middle East a lot of weight is given to titles (Engineer being a title they like to use) and qualifications - experience almost seems to be an afterthought, if it is considered at all. I have seen many examples where people have all sorts of qualifications (Microsoft certified people seem to be a usual culprit from experience) but when it comes to a real life situation (and particularly problem solving) they havn't got a clue! I guess it's all a matter of balance - there's the old Catch-22 of how to get experience without a job; how to get a job without experience?

  • You are right.I raised this question because some years ago, there are Juniper voucher based online paper. One of my friend told me I cleared this exam and after that I gave paper on behalf of my all roommates, and in last his cook also cleared the Juniper free voucher base online Exam.When I passed my exam, my friend said I also need this certificate so you give paper on behalf of me.

    I am working on Solarwinds Since last 2 years.That's why I suggest the paper must have some type of security.

  • We will shortly restore the ecommerse component that temporarily suspended after some trouble with ProMetric.  When that happens registration for the exam will again be via major credit card using an online process.  We hope you enjoy this period before we restore that component of new registrations.  We continue to closely monitor online test behavior and the answer matrix as usual to ensure the security of the exam.  Fortunately, the chief barrier to certification is a strong understanding of networks and network performance monitoring, rather than cost.  A recent survey of SCPs also indicated that like with Cisco certification, passing the exam is the achievement.

    You are correct that some vendors treat their certification programs like marketing tools with the goal of "rubber stamping" as many people as possible.  For us however it's a significant achievement for any network engineer, which is also why many of the questions are not SolarWinds specific. The goal is to highlight network performance Gurus not just SolarWinds product experts.