What would you like to see added in the THWACK Store?

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  • Looks at my Thwack point total. 

    The spree my wife would go on with that much Amazon credit... <shudder>

  • You let YOUR WIFE see you Thwack point total?  (shakes his head)  You poor soul . . . 


    Those are your points, my friend, to do with as you please.  If it pleases you to let your wife shop with them, then they're points well spent!

  • I am actually against this, as this could potentially cause outsiders to try to create fake accounts to game the system and monetize activity for $

  • Nuts.  You're right.

    However, if banks & the PCI and Amazon can secure online accounts, couldn't Thwack?  

    Naw, it would probably be cost-prohibitive. 

    Nuts.  Darned people.

  • I'm going to agree with  that this would most likely be the end of the system. Full little solarwinds branded toys or geeky stuff is one thing but you start handing out (essentially) cash, and that would likely be the end of the system. Plus even at your highest exchange rate that would be wholly to much for Solarwinds. I've been participating regularly on this site for just over a year now. Basically daily interaction and trying to learn and network and communicate with fellow admins and tech minded people. While I would say I've had high engagement I wouldn't say it's atypical of the other users I see on here. I've accumulated just shy of 80,000 total points. Is one year of my time interacting with the site for a few minutes a day worth $800? Probably not. You spread that out to everyone here? The program would bankrupt almost instantly. 

    I like amazon gift cards as much as the next guy, but I don't think this is the system to get them.

    Now some smaller limited sweepstakes type interactions? Say 100 or 1000 points to buy in to the raffle, with a limited known number of entries, and the winner of that walking away with a giftcard? Maybe something like $25 or $50? That could be interesting.