How much of your on-premises workload are you planning to move to the cloud in the next 24 months?

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  • Does building a "private" cloud in our own data center count?  

  • I used to think that "cloud" just meant somebody else's data center - but with more experience I see the difference.
    While it is possible to just build in the cloud the same way you always have in your data center, the real benefits come when you you use services and automation to build your scale and only pay when you're using the resources.

    Sometimes it's too easy to be seduced into thinking that "lift and shift" will be viable, but that is missing the point. Sure, your migration will be cheaper, but you will pay for it every hour your services are running. 
    Paying upfront to migrate into a true cloud environment will cost you less  in the long run.

    Do yourself a favor, don't just move an existing VM to "the cloud" without doing anything else

  • Same for us, I think a couple of things are going to shift just because of the cloud providers redundancy offerings and base OS update handling. Probably just for 1-2 of our customer facing systems. I would say its <10% because we have a lot of non-routed stuff that needs to continue connecting to our internal items.

    Yes, aware we can private route it in, but we pretty much use internet for phones and email. It would more reliance on our internet connection. We do not have anything like SaaS offerings to our customers where we need/can to leverage the scaling and automation of cloud due to our niche market.