New SolarWinds Installation

Hello Everyone,

We are installing an enterprise platform and need to know some recommendations for the setup / configuration of SolarWinds.

Here are the products we purchased:

1. Network Performance Monitor

2. Web Help Desk

3. Network Configuration Manager

4. Network Traffic Analyzer

5. Dameware

We have offices across the United States and World. Our field offices will be grouped together in Regions. There will be 4 Regions with a varying amount of branch offices in each Region Ranging from 20 field offices to 50. Each branch office can have approx 50 endpoints.

One of our biggest questions is the initial installation of SolarWinds for each Region and its SQL Server install. What would be the best practice regarding our topology for SQL Server and its Licenses? More specifically, how many SQL Licenses and type???

Obviously we would like as much visibility regarding our networks as SolarWinds provides.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.