Applications % availability Report Needed

Dear Valuable Community,

I have created an applications percentage availability report.

1) For this I have selected five applications monitors on which I want to make the report.

2) The duration of the report is last month.

3) I have chosen "Application Status History/Percent Availability" resource to show in the output

4) In data aggregation I have selected "Average"

5) The report is giving me percentage availability of five application monitor INDIVIDUALLY as per attached snapshot (Giving me five values).

I need one value of percentage availability (cumulative) for these five application monitors i.e sum of five values / count

100.00% + 99.89% + 100.00% + 100.00% + 99.95% / 5

499.84% / 5


I want 99.97% number generated by the web based report and not by my manual calculation.

Your valuable comments for providing me a solution would be highly appreciated.

Kind Thanks