How do I become a beta tester

I have the means and time to be a beta tester for the NPM and NCM product lines.  I have over eight years experience with SolarWinds products and am heavily involved with SolarWinds on a daily basis.  I have been the SolarWinds SME for the last 4 organizations that I have worked for.  How do I go about applying?

  • When they post that there is a new beta available usually there is a link to register for the beta.  You have to have current maintenance to participate. 

  • Thank you.  I saw that for some of them, but I also saw they were already closed.  I wasn't sure if there was a reoccuring list.

  • Hi Chris,

    might I also suggest participating in usability feedback sessions?--Unlike betas, these are short (30-90 minute) GoToMeeting sessions with various individuals from a product team where you get a chance to review early designs of new features, take us on a tour of your environment so we can learn about how you do your job, have hands-on time with builds in our environment, etc.  We're doing activities with users every single week and I happen to have some NCM design feedback sessions for scheduled jobs coming up later this week/early next.  Email me directly for more details at

    Also, there are many IPAM and LEM feedback opportunities coming up in the next few weeks.


  • I thought of something else that would be good to have in NCM.  We do a lot with Cisco UCS products.  It would be nice if the inventory peice of NCM would actually show the firmware versions and serial numbers of the UCS components, such as adapters, CIMC controllers, I/O Modules, blade firmware, fabric interconnects, etc.