Which IT certifications are you interested in/ would you recommend?

What are the trending certifications in the industry right now?

Which certifications would you be excited to potentially win in upcoming giveaways?

Tell us your thoughts below!

  • I recommend either VMWare if you are server strong or CCNA if you lean toward Networking.  I have studied both for certifications but I haven't taken the time to take the tests.  I learned in this process that I can't know all there is and to hone in on what I am interested in, which is Networking.  So I am now focused on the CCNA to complete before end of Aug 2016 as the certification exam will be changing then.  Both certs are very highly coveted and the skill set is sought after.  They get looks on resumes.  I get asked about both attempts during interviews.  I also recommend Wireshare along with the CCNA just to make you stronger, especially if you like security. 


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