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What We're Working On (WWWO)

This thread is locked and will no longer be maintained.  For the most up to date information, see What We're Working On.

The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official SolarWinds roadmap, the "What We're Working On" posts (WWWO posts) are the best reflection of what the teams are currently working on in each product. It is not a commitment to a specific feature or release date, but it should help you understand the priorities of each of our product teams. Please see the individual "What We're Working On" posts for more detail.

  • Hi Mustafa,

    We are working on an update to the NTA blog post pointed by the above link.

    Should not be long.

  • Hi Francois,

    I think it is time for a name change. SeUM should be WPM. emoticons_happy.png

  • Hi Mustafa,

    Thanks you are right, it's about time emoticons_happy.png.

  • FormerMember
    FormerMember over 10 years ago

    Denny, is it possible to post a "last updated" column for easy recognition of what individual "what we're working on posts" was updated and when?

  • There is no automated way to have the update date posted by thwack.

    We would need each product manager to update the line in the above bulleted list.

    Note that you can "watch" this page and receive an email everytime it's modified.

  • FormerMember
    FormerMember over 10 years ago in reply to fcaron

    Okay, adding a update date to the line on the bulleted list will work. Thanks Francois.

  • Another possibility is to put the version in the line. This might be easier for you to know if there is something new, post what you already run. If we put the date, you need to remember when you last looked and do a date diff to see what's more recent.

    Would this do, if we generalized this format: FSM: What are we working on for FSM after 6.4

    What we are working on for FSM, after v 6.4...

  • FormerMember
    FormerMember over 10 years ago in reply to fcaron

    I agree, version in the line would also be good to have on each.  I think a "last activity" date (like on the content pages of this forum) for each individual product to show when product managers last posted any updates to the original post would be helpful to those that frequent this page in determining stale/unchanged postings and be able to recognize the most recent changes quickly.

    In regard to "watching" this page or each individual "what we're working on" page, this is not something I favor.  I don't really want to receive notifications when anyone makes a comment to the discussion page.  I just want to know when an update is made to an individual "what we're working on".

  • Hi everyone,

    Since currently all of these "what we're working on" posts exist in various places, we are unable to automate the "last activity" for this specific page.  We are slowly making a transition to have all of these updates posted to the .  If you navigate there and look on the right hand side, you can see a widget which lists all "what we're working on" posts.  This widget should reflect recent updates and push those to the top.  Once we have all of these posts in a single place, we will absolutely make sure we define "recently updated" posts.



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    FormerMember over 10 years ago in reply to danielleh

    Thanks Danielle.  Good to know what the plans are.  I'm not much a fan of having to go to the Product Blog to see "recently updated" posts which has no date when the "recently updated" post was made.  It sounds like the central "what we're working on" page is going away and I like being able to link to this page directly from the Thwack home page Guide to "What We're Working On".

    I wasn't looking for an automated "last activity". I was looking for the product manager to just add this date to the topic line whenever they update the post.