With SD-WAN, were you able to cut mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) compared to traditional WAN/MPLS circuits?

  • Initial MTTR costs were lower than the time it took for the initial design & configuration (which was tedious, considerable, and challenging to get funding for training to learn & deploy correctly).  Keeping the skillset fresh and in place, as staff leave or rotate on-call schedules, or are hired, will be challenging to ensure.

  • Honestly, we are still having to notify the partner we chose.   They should be proactively monitoring the SDWAN as well as those connection which are on their own access circuits, but alas no we have to tell them and ask them.  We monitor the appliances in SolarWinds but the deep information still have to come from the partner.  We have better SLA's but MTTR is only slightly better.