SolarWinds Certified Professional Exams are Live

**Please see SolarWinds Certified Professional program changes for 2019 for program updates.**

The SolarWinds Academy is excited to announce the official launch of the new and completely updated SolarWinds Certified ProfessionalRegistered program.

Based on the feedback from SCPs around the world, we focused on two key aspects of the program that needed attention: creating lasting value for SCPs and helping SCPs succeed.

We want to create lasting value.

We created the SCP program in 2009 because we knew our customers wanted to demonstrate that they have the skills needed to manage networks effectively using SolarWinds products. Unfortunately, as time passed, the program did not grow with our products. The SolarWinds certification became outdated, and did not hold enough value to be a competitive player on the global IT stage.

To create lasting value, we made two key changes:

  • Relevance: To help ensure IT professionals have knowledge of the most current SolarWinds products, the SCP exams will now be updated with each new product release
  • Security: The SCP exams are now provided through online, proctored services so that the world knows that the holder of a SolarWinds certificate is the person who earned it

We want IT professionals to feel pride and a sense of achievement at becoming an SCP.

We want our customers to succeed.

Our customers’ success drives everything we do. Because the world of IT is always growing and changing, continuing education is an integral part of being a successful IT pro. To encourage continued growth, we added several benefits that members can use to increase their knowledge. 

New benefits include:

  • SCP webcasts
  • SCP online advanced training
  • SCP invitations to live events
  • SCP study hours with SolarWinds experts
  • Access to select GNS3Registered courses
  • For SCPs working for SolarWinds customers under active maintenance, you will be recognized as an SCP member within the support system and provided with an enhanced support experience






Single exam option

  • Product exam
  • One exam retake
  • One year of benefits

$200 USD

3 years






First Year

  • Product exam
  • One exam retake
  • One year of benefits

$200 USD

Your certification is active as long as you are a subscription** member and attend required events/training

Subsequent Year(s)

Same benefits as year one, plus:

  • New product exam
  • One exam retake
  • Loyalty recognition
  • Maintain active certification on passed exams*

$200 USD

*Only includes exams that are part of the new SCP program.

**Your subscription does not auto-renew

SCP webcasts: You’ll have access to exclusive live SCP webcasts where you can interact with product managers, Head GeeksTm, and other IT professionals to discuss the future of SolarWinds products. For our members who can’t participate in a live webcast, we’ll record all events and post videos only available to SCPs, along with the comments that you can view as often as you need.

SCP online advanced training: We’re offering advanced-level training for members who want to gain a deeper understanding of SolarWinds products. Our experienced SolarWinds Academy trainers are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive courses for SCP members. Join exclusive live WebExRegistered classes and interact with SolarWinds Academy trainers and other SCP members.

Invitations to live events: Our live events are not only an excellent way to learn more about SolarWinds products, but also provide opportunities to network with other SolarWinds Certified Professionals and SolarWinds team members. Collaborate, network, and get awesome swag all in one place.

You spoke. We listened.

UPDATE: as of 7/12/2018 SCP exams are available for purchase for 60k THWACK points.

Additionally, our THWACK MVPs, will receive one free SCP exam a year. Click here to learn more on how to achieve this status.

We hope that the new SolarWinds Certified Professional program brings you value and enhances your knowledge of SolarWinds products. If you have any questions, please review our FAQs, ask us on THWACK, or send an email to

  • By including MVP's and allowing purchase of the SCP exam for one year with 60k thwack points this is a step in the right direction.  Also I think I understand a little better now why the cost is there... the tests are now going to be proctored by a 3rd party network.  I can understand the $200 to take the test.  I still think $200 for the each subsequent year is high though... maybe 85-100 would make more sense and would get more support to pay the maintenance fee.  My guess is many will take the test then not pay $200 maintenance fee for two more years.

    In other words... I'm betting there will a LOT more option A then B.

  • This works by going over the materials you have on the SCP site then taking the test?  Just want to make sure I am not missing anything for the training.


  • This is fantastic! I'm very glad that our responses were listened to. The new options outlined here make a lot more sense pretty much on all counts. Option A will probably see more volume, but option B is going to be great for people who are settled down with one company and more or less locked in on their role or career path and don't want to be bothered with retaking an exam every three years.

    Could you elaborate a bit more on the "and attend required events/training" bit for option B expiration? I'm guessing this will work out similar to CEUs or something like that.

    If we are on the option B path and our subscription expires, would our certs also expire 2 years after that? Similarly, if I'm somewhere after month 12 and before month 36 while in option A, if I pay $200 to begin active subscription status, does that immediately put me in the option B 1st year box?

    In any case, love the overall look and feel of this program compared to what was proposed earlier this year.

  • I'm sorry, but I still feel like pricing is completely ridiculous for both options.

    Having a SCP doesn't translate to a real word value and at the end of the day it's just not marketable. Having it on my resume doesn't give me the edge over the competition for a job and it sure as heck doesn't increase my salery.

    I understand having it makes Solarwinds a better project, it improves Solarwinds the company and that it makes me a better System Admin, I just don't know if that's worth the price of admission.

  • I concur with this response, If it added substantial value similar to something of the likes of a Cisco certification I would be a lot more inclined to go this route and continue to stay up to date.

  • I would argue that depending on your job role and your company field then it would have some very specific market value. Yes, it isn't as generic as something like Cisco CCNA, but then what do you get back from Cisco once you have passed the exams? The SCP will give you access to continued learning as well as support from SolarWinds in tuning both your own knowledge as well as your current system.

    And at the end of the day, if you don't feel it adds any current market value for your job role - don't take it. If you don't need it then why worry!

  • Don't get me wrong.  I want the cert and everything that comes along with it. As the administrator of Solarwinds I want to know the product better and I want the best support that we're already paying for.  In the big picture the price for having the SCP is too much.

    Look at it this way.  We have 5 people in our team who are Solarwinds admins.  We have 8 APE's and 3 AWS with the likelihood of add more in the future. We have a full suite of Solarwinds products and we're researching adding more products.  Needless to say we pay a lot for support, which to me, now comes off  as "not as good" or "lesser" because no one in my team has a SCP. Despite the fact that we already pay a lot for support and are loyal customers.

    Not take into account that I work in the public sector so I have to pay for training out of my own pocket. Plus, if I want to keep the certification, I now to make an annual payment. In theory, in a very short period of time, I can pay $600 out of pocket for certification that doesn't have that much resume value or that isn't in high demand.  All for increased support or training of something that should have already been covered with the purchase of product support.

    What I get back for any other certification is, resume value, something that's industry wide valued and recognized. It's something that follows me wherever I go and it pay for something that is already being paid for.  There's a clear line between what a company pays for in terms of support of a product versus what I pay for to recognized as knowing the product.  With this new SCP model it's completely blurred.

  • I agree, while the option to use THWACK points is a nice gesture I think my concerns from the original (now locked emoticons_confused.png) thread stand. SolarWinds Certified Professional Launch

    I agree. I don't think SolarWinds products are as ubiquitous as other vendors that have vendor-specific certifications like Cisco and Microsoft. Therefore the advantage to hold this certification when you're not already employed by a company that uses SolarWinds products is low.

    I would also like to chime in on the "these benefits should be included in maintenance" camp.  My company is already paying for maintenance to allow us to receive support and training from SolarWinds on their products.

    Now I have to convince management to pay for me to attain a SolarWinds specific certification and pay a yearly subscription to gain access to "online training", "invitations to live events", "study hours with SolarWinds experts", and to be "provided an enhanced support experience"

    When they say "Wait, aren't we already paying maintenance for those same things?", how do I answer that question?

    Any input on that cal.smith​?

  • Not good enough for me.  I may be one voice, but Solarwinds as an organisation appears to be heading in completely the wrong direction.  If what I've learned this week about the change to how partners can offer discounts is true, everything about this new direction is just a cash grab.  Quite happy to let my SCP expire, it doesn't earn me anything so that's fine.  But I won't defend Solarwinds when the prices on support go up.  Not a chance.