Attend SolarWinds Academy training to help you study for an SCP exam!

Hi All,

I replied to a comment with this information, but I think it is important enough to warrant its own post. In addition to the exam prep guides, our virtual and on-demand training classes are another awesome resource to help you study for an exam. 

If you have a SolarWinds product under active maintenance you have access to virtual and on-demand training!

The SolarWinds Academy lists all available classes to the THWACK calendar every month.

To access SolarWinds Academy classes:

1. Visit

2. Click Education & Training > Virtual Classrooms

3. Browse the Available Classes and select an option:

  • Click Register Now for a Live Class.
  • Click the On Demand link to access a recorded course video.

Note: You may have to contact the owner of your SolarWinds product account to ask for the Customer Portal credentials. 

As always, you can contact us at or with any questions.