Integration Power! Combining Data to See More, Troubleshoot Faster, and Save Time: Fridays at 1pm CDT

When you combine data from multiple sources, you get a robust view of what is happening in your network. In this webcast, we'll review what's new with NPM, then we'll cover a few functional integrations and discuss how those truly integrated products can work together as a team. We'll also show you some additional benefits gained through integration ranging from lower costs, faster time to ROI, more complete use of the products, and more. We'll demo a few scenarios and show how all these benefits can be achieved without expensive projects and professional services engagements. This is a working webcast - bring questions about your environment, any setup questons or concerns you have, and we'll get them answered. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Choose a date that works best for you.

  1. 6.14.13– 1pm Central
  2. 6.21.13–1pm Central
  3. 7.12.13–1pm Central
  4. 7.19.13–1pm Central