Government and Education Webinar: Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey - What Is the Greatest Cybersecurity Concern for Your Peers?

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 2:00:00 PM EST - 3:00:00 PM EST

This webinar explores the cybersecurity challenges faced by federal, state, and local government and education markets based on findings from our seventh annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey. What are these challenges, and how are they changing?

Who are the actors threatening the public sector, and what methods are they using? Are countermeasures effective? Is the public sector winning or losing the battle? Which mandates, tools, and best practices are most effective? How are organizations approaching zero trust and best practices outlined in the Administration’s Cybersecurity Executive Order?

Join SolarWinds® CISO, Tim Brown, and Group Vice President, Brandon Shopp for a live webinar to review and discuss our most recent Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey results, including significant differences across public sector market segments and how confident the respondents were in their teams’ ability to keep up with evolving threats.

Some key findings from this year’s survey include the following:

• The general hacking community is the largest source of security threats at public sector organizations, followed closely by careless/untrained insiders and foreign governments

o Cybersecurity threats from foreign governments are responsible for the greatest increase in concern among public sector respondents

o Lack of training, low budgets and resources, and the expanded perimeter as a result of increased remote work continue to plague public sector security pros

o More than 75% of public sector respondents note their organizations rely on a formal or informal zero-trust approach

o The majority of public sector respondents realize the importance of IT security solutions and prioritize their investments highly in the next 12 months, with network security software being the top priority

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