Government Webinar: Smart City Technology Management—How SolarWinds Can Help

Government Webinar: Smart City Technology Management — How SolarWinds Can Help

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 2:00:00 PM ET - 3:00:00 PM ET

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Smart cities are desirable because they drive citizen engagement, improve decision-making, and result in improved services and public safety. However, the technology involved in delivering a smart city is complex and multifaceted. It includes the internet of things (IoT), application and website performance monitoring, digital platform management, remote support, IT and data security, network connectivity, services management, and more.

Please join us for a live interactive webinar to learn how SolarWinds can help you monitor and manage your smart city technology. You need to monitor your IoT devices, systems, applications, and network to ensure they’re performing as expected. It’s important to have the right tools to resolve issues quickly, support users, and track open issues—all while keeping an eye on IT security.

Register for this webinar to learn how SolarWinds can help you do the following:
• Monitor and troubleshoot collaboration, network, and on-demand platforms to help get to the root cause of issues and resolve them with the following SolarWindsRegistered products: Server & Application Monitor, Web Performance Monitor, Network Performance Monitor, and PingdomRegistered
• Support staff and users with technical difficulties and help resolve technical issues remotely with SolarWinds Web Help DeskRegistered, SolarWinds Service Desk, SolarWinds DamewareRegistered Remote Support, and SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere
• Improve cybersecurity through configuration and log management with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager and SolarWinds Security Event Manager

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