Government and Education Webinar: How to Reduce Vulnerabilities and Harden Your Infrastructure

Government and Education Webinar: How to Reduce Vulnerabilities and Harden Your Infrastructure

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM EDT - 9:30:00 AM EDT

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Cybersecurity threats are continuing to increase and evolve, and government and education customers have always been prime targets. IT security can be improved by eliminating known vulnerabilities and hardening your infrastructure from an attack. Reducing vulnerabilities involves leveraging tools to update network and system configurations, patching systems, and managing access rights. Infrastructure hardening uses checklists and guides to help eliminate security risks.

Please join us for a 90-minute webinar on how to reduce your vulnerabilities and harden your infrastructure. We’ll review best practices, share resources, and demonstrate how our products can be used to help manage vulnerabilities at your organization. We’ll also review common infrastructure hardening best practices and use DISA STIGs to teach the basics, such as validation of required FIPS protocols, baselining STIG configuration for the enterprise, and other tips to help secure your infrastructure.

Register and attend this webinar session to learn how SolarWinds tools can help you:
• Leverage automated network configuration tools to deploy standardized configurations, detect out-of-process changes, audit configurations, and even correct violations
• Audit device configurations and logs for NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and DSS PCI compliance
• Discover patch statuses and vulnerabilities, and automate patch management
• Detect, track, and compare system and application configuration changes to confirm changes, even when systems are offline
• Leverage access rights management to understand and act on high-risk access and reduce vulnerabilities

Please join us for this live webinar with a SolarWinds Government sales engineer and THWACKRegistered MVP guest speaker Eric Hodeen, from CourtesyIT. Schedule conflict? Sign up to get a copy of the slides and access to the on-demand presentation after the webinar.