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  • Observability for Microservice and Service Mesh Architectures

    The Move to Microservices A microservice architecture is a service-based approach that breaks down applications into multiple discrete processes or services. A microservice development architecture offers significant advantages, such as better fault ...
    • 24 Jan 2023
  • Application Observability

    Today’s cloud environments rely on microservices, service meshes, containers, and orchestration tools and are too complex for traditional tools to measure and monitor performance metrics effectively. The number of interdependent services—...
    • 23 Oct 2022
  • The Difference between DevOps and DevSecOps

    DevOps and DevSecOps are two strategies businesses use to achieve agile software development and streamline software pipelines. While DevOps and DevSecOps sound similar, there are some important differences. Let’s dig in and see how they s...
    • 13 Jun 2022
  • DevOps: A Philosophy? A Job? An Entire Industry?

    When I came to SolarWinds in 2020, I was quickly immersed in the world of developers, application engineers, and IT operations. As I started talking to more customers about their roles, I came to understand each of the job functions uniquely—ea...
    • 11 Mar 2022