Spam in the forum - Updated advise?

Hi All,

Still got a bit of a spam problem here with the PST bots and whatnot. Saw a crypto one earlier which is rarely a good sign of things slowing down.

Ages ago there was some advise around reporting as spam. The report as spam button seems to have gone away now, being replaced with abuse only.

Does anyone still need to do anything on our end?

Any progress on your end?

  • Hi there - the "Report As Abusive" is the best way to flag these posts. That'll send it straight to our Moderation Queue and it'll teach the program about which posts to flag in the future. We're working on some additional fixes with the platform but in the interim, we appreciate the help of our users to make sure these posts are removed.

    Apologies for any delay, Kevin and I are currently at MN SWUG and balancing the community between breaks. Slight smile

  • If this is a machine learning problem I feel like it should have spotted the "PST" thing by now, maybe something's wrong there

    Probably something wrong with the reputation system too

  • I make the effort to mark each one of these as spam/abusive and then go mark the profile that sent them as abusive. Some have been around for months and I am surprised those accounts still exist. There are times when two new accounts pop up and one asks a question and shortly later the other answers the question, usually as a passive marketing tactic and to try and lead some semblance of normalcy to the posts.  I flag those as well.

  • in addition to this, I go in and if I see them in the MOD queue, I go to their account and DISAPPROVE them, completely disallowing them from posting again without hitting the mod queue first.

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