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SolarWinds Alerting against Hardware Sensors

Hi Guys

I have my users around the world working in different geographical teams, each responsible for their own kit.

SolarWinds is monitoring all kit across All Sites. I have created a single Default Node DOWN Alert for all sites instead of creating an individual Node DOWN alert for each site.

I have created a Custom Property named 'Primary_Contact', and a second Custom Property named 'Secondary_Contact'

I have an Email Action configured to point to the 'Primay_Contact' Custom Property: ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomProperties.Primary_Contact} variable in the 'Trigger Action'

This works fine for the Node Down Alert directing the Alert to the correct Primary_Contact assocaited to that Node.

However, I'm attempting to do the same for a Default Alert created for: Hardware Component DOWN' Alert.

The EMail Trigger COndition is fine when specifying a normal email address, but when using the ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomProperties.Primary_Contact} variable, the same one used for the Node DOWN Alert, I receive an error.

"The specified string is not in the form required for an email address"

How can I adopt the same 'Primary_Contact' Custom Property principle for Hardware Sensors as used for 'Node Down', Interface Down', etc?

In advance thank you for your support, I cannot find anything online specific to this problem. 

  • The "problem" here is that the target of the Node Down alert is based around nodes so ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomProperties.Primary_Contact} says "the target entity of this thing (Node) with Custom Property called 'Primary Contact').

    A hardware sensor is a "child" element from Nodes.  (Nodes has multiple hardware sensors).

    If you use the "picker" in the alert variables, the Primary Contact custom property would look like this: ${N=SwisEntity;M=HardwareCategoryStatus.Node.CustomProperties.Primary_Contact} for those entity types.

    Ignore my screenshot - I don't have your same custom properties on my system.

    When in doubt, use the picker.

  • Hi KMSigma

    When I follow your steps and this was the way I grabbed the variable for the Email Address input my variable presents the same as variable already being used, and doesn't look like your example.

    This is what I see.

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