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How to unsubscribe from THWACK SPAM

How the hell do I unsubscribe from the THWACK SPAM which I'm receiving too much of (which relates to webcasts, labs and other promotional material from Solarwinds)?!

All or most of the promotional e-mails say: "You were sent this email because an administrator sent it to all users in the Everyone role on THWACK."

There's no unsubscribe link in the e-mails sent out from Solarwinds other than a link to the user account notification preferences and on that page there's nothing which relates to promotional material. I still want to receive an e-mail when someone replies to a thread I'm subscribed to, but I don't want the promotional crap.

This seems awfully unprofessional on Solarwind's part and I'm sure contravenes anti-spam legislation in many regions.

Do I need to delete my THWACK account entirely to be rid of the promotional junk?

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