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How to unsubscribe from THWACK SPAM

How the hell do I unsubscribe from the THWACK SPAM which I'm receiving too much of (which relates to webcasts, labs and other promotional material from Solarwinds)?!

All or most of the promotional e-mails say: "You were sent this email because an administrator sent it to all users in the Everyone role on THWACK."

There's no unsubscribe link in the e-mails sent out from Solarwinds other than a link to the user account notification preferences and on that page there's nothing which relates to promotional material. I still want to receive an e-mail when someone replies to a thread I'm subscribed to, but I don't want the promotional crap.

This seems awfully unprofessional on Solarwind's part and I'm sure contravenes anti-spam legislation in many regions.

Do I need to delete my THWACK account entirely to be rid of the promotional junk?

  • For now, the platform is limited to all emails on or off (via settings > options). One level deeper, you also control your subscriptions (settings > subscriptions). We are engaged a project to improve this process to simplify and allow for a more granular selection of emails you want to receive. The promotional emails you are referring to are limited to once, seldomly twice, per week, and are community-oriented activities (such as SolarWinds Lab or the upcoming Livecast tomorrow).

  • Thanks for the answer, Danielle. I don't have any subscriptions, so it seems the promotional e-mails will be received regardless.

    I've disabled all e-mail notifications and hope the e-mails will now stop - it's a pity that I now won't receive any other forum related e-mails I actually want to receive.

    It would seem logical to have Solarwinds promotional material as a subscription category which can simply be unsubscribed from rather than targeting promotional material it wishes to push to users with no obvious opt-out mechanism.

  • I wholly agree. The amount of SPAM is crazy.  FYI to anyone who’s tried to stop it to no avail:

    The unsubscribe button on the emails themselves do not work (at least for me).  You must be logged in and go to settings, be sure to change everything in Options and Notifications tabs.

    Almost seems like someone would have to go out of their way to make it this hard for people to unsubscribe…........

  • Click on your picture on the upper right corner of your screen (like the tractor for me) and turn this on or off.