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THWACK Point System - Updated March 6, 2018


This information is currently undergoing a review and will be updated soon to help you learn how to earn THWACK points.

These are the point values for each individual action you complete.  Check out my other post detailing thwack Missions which highlights even more ways to earn points.

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Posting 1
Replying/Commenting 1
Rate or like content 2
Have someone @ mention you 2
Vote in a poll 5
Get your content rated or liked 5
Mark an answer as Correct 10
Get your post marked Helpful 5
Get your post marked Correct 100
Create an idea (feature request) 25
Vote on an idea (feature request) 5
Have your idea (feature request) voted on 10
Upload to the Content Exchange 100
Complete a survey 250
Customer reference for Analyst Relations or Award nomination* 1,000
Community Onboarding Mission - You Don't Know THWACK - The Onboarding Mission 1,500
Link your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts* 2,000
Customer Reference Call* 2,000
Posting in Spread the Word* $25 Amazon gift card + badge
Be quoted by Solarwinds* 2,000
Post a link in Spread the Word to where you've blogged about us or reviewed us* 2,000
Get quoted in a Press Release* 2,000
Guest Blogger* 2,000 per blog
Participate in a Case Study* 2,000
Media reference* 2,000
Attend Virtual Classroom training session Earn up to 2,000
Monthly Mission participant Earn up to 3,000
Case study press release* 3,000
Participate in a walk-through or usability test with the UX team* 3,000 + UX badge
Participate in a Beta or Release Candidate** 3,000 + beta/RC badge
Participate in Customer Testimonial Video* 3,000
Participate in a Webcast* 6,000
Participation as a speaker/panelist at a SolarWinds event* 10,000
Host a User Group* 15,000
Host a User Group with 20+ attendees* 25,000

*These action items require manual processing.  Please allow at least a week for point values to appear on your thwack account.

**Points for participating in a Beta or Release Candidate will be added to profiles after the product launches.

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