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How To Create Ideas and Feature Requests


The ideation platform we've enabled on thwack allows an easy way for you to propose new ideas and features for our product set and for new products.


Ideas begin in the first of five distinct stages, Recent. From this initial stage, ideas are reviewed by our Product Management team and moved into one of the other four stages, with the possibility that an idea is moved again. This sounds much more confusing than it actually is in practice.

This is the process we are following:



The following figures provide examples of the different stages available in the ideation work flow.







To vote on an idea, you select the up or down arrow next to the idea's title:


  • That's it! I have been waiting and wanting for this! Thanks SolarWinds. Now you can't get away from us! emoticons_happy.png

  • I have a question and a suggestion.


    - What does "community shows great interest" means? I mean how many votes are enough? I think that's the key point here.


    - Ranked voting system works better than the current system. It is more fair.

    Let's say that my vote counts 2 because I am level 5. For that way you encourage people to participate on thwack.

  • I like the suggestion. I will socialize it with our platform people and see if this is on the roadmap emoticons_happy.png.

    As per your question... I don't believe we have a definitive number in mind at this time. Let's see how this goes, and we'll see if we a number or range makes sense as we go.