Trouble opening Case in Solarwinds

Im trying to create a new support case with Solarwinds, but am unsuccessful, says i need to be more descriptive in my trouble request. I'm given a limit of characters so I cant be more discriptive then i am being. I think there is a problem with submitting tickets. Anyone else having problems submitting tickets to Solarwinds?

  • Never had any issues submitting tickets and I have submitted a few.

    Weird that's all I can say 

  • There is a "Summary of your problem"  field which can only accept up to 199 characters and right below that there is an  "Additional Information" field which can take a lot more.  I don't know how much more, but I know if you leave the Additional information blank it will prompt you to PLEASE ENTER A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE SO THAT WE KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU.   Hope this helps.

  • So, are you sure you filled in all fields?   When opening a case, there are two fields that I think you might be having issues with.  The first is "Please provide a summary of your question".    This should be quite short, and I think there is a limit to the # of characters.   The second field is "Provide additional information".    You don't have to put much in this second field, but you do have to put something    Maybe a screenshot if you're still having issues?

    Just to make sure, I opened a test ticket and used less than 20 characters per field and it opened just fine.  So, no problems!!